The practice areas of our Law Office comprise advisory and litigation in relation to the following:

Criminal Law

Crimes relating to:
  • Private property
  • Real estate
  • Financial - Tax Crime
  • Memorandum
  • Provision of Services
  • Life and personal integrity
  • personal freedom
  • Personality - Honor and reputation
  • Sexual dignity

  • Τown planning regulations
  • Ιnsurance law
  • Health and market regulations
  • Highway Code
  • etc.

Civil Law

Law of Obligations
  • Sales contract
  • Lease contract (urban and commercial, drafting, abnormal development contract)
  • Lease contract for bank counter
  • Timeshare (time-sharing)
  • Trustee contract
  • Deposit Agreement
  • Convention of project execution (rights and obligations of the parties, building construction contract in return)
  • Warranty (drafting, liabilities, depreciation, etc.)
  • Protection of personality
  • etc.

Property law
  • National land registry (property declarations, objections, cadastral registrations, lawsuits, application forms for correction of manifest errors, etc.)
  • Property (assertive, declaratory lawsuits, lawsuits for possession, easements, lien, mortgage, prenotation of mortgage, etc. deletions of prenotation)
  • etc. 

Family law
  • Adoptions (adoptions - search radicals of the adoptees - recognition of foreign judgments).
  • Medically assisted human reproduction - surrogacy.
  • Divorce (file for divorce - child custody issues and communication - alimony -  setting of family home - participation in acquisitions).
  • Parental care of children (abuse - neglect, changes in circumstances, etc.)
  • Relations between parents and children.
  • Foster parents - hosting minors.
  • Guardianship of minors.
  • Recognition - attack paternity recognition affinity.
  • Legal Guardianship - involuntary hospitalization.
  • Matrimonial property 

Inheritance law
  • Publication
  • Breach of covenant
  • Challenging of  inheritance right
  • Infringement of indefeasible  interest
  • etc.

Commercial Law

  • Corporate Law and Business
  • Law Commercial Contracts
  • bankruptcy Law, including reconciliation proceedings (Chapter 11)
  • banking Law
  • Securities law
  • Competition Law
  • Industrial Property Law
  • Consumer Protection Law
  • Law 3869/2010 (indebted households)

Labor Law

Law of enforcement

  • Seizures (movable and immovable)
  • Auctions

Administrative law

Employees law


Automobile differences

Construction law

Medical law

Law 3869/2010 (Indebted Households)